What our activities are all about…

Apple Juice Mornings/Kiddie Day Trips: Once or twice a month, outings and play dates are scheduled for children who are not yet in school full time.  Events this year have included a trip to the zoo, pumpkin picking and hayride, a morning at Playtime Village, an afternoon at Bounce U, and morning play dates at various members’ homes.  Playground and beach gatherings take place weekly at Wolfe Park once the warm weather arrives.  Moms and kids alike enjoy these play dates!

Book Club: The club reads a new book each month and meets to discuss the selection, as well as to socialize and catch up with friends.  Club meetings take place in members’ homes in the evening, beginning at 7:45pm.  We also have occasional movie nights (either at a member’s home or in the theater) where we view a movie based on a recent reading selection.  We always have something to talk about!

Bunco: a fun, easy to learn, dice game, the object of which is to tally the most victories, or “buncos.”  Club members gather in a member’s home monthly for this exciting game.  Twelve players are needed each month and we’re always looking for substitutes.  Role the dice, spend time with friends, and maybe bring home a few bucks for your bunco!

Couple’s Social: One Saturday evening per month, club members and their significant others are welcome to participate in a unique, and always exciting activity.  Past events have included Dinner at a local restaurant, Oktoberfest, Bowling, a formal holiday Cocktail Party, Game Night, Casino Night, Rollerskating, Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Salsa Dancing, and a Scavenger Hunt.   This is the perfect social atmosphere to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy an evening out with your significant other.

Family Fun Outings: A few activities are scheduled throughout the year that welcome families to join in our fun.  Past events include a train ride, pumpkin patch tailgating, decorating gingerbread houses, attending a play at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, an Easter egg hunt, and a family scavenger hunt.  Join us in the fun!

Ladies’ Night Out: On the third Friday of every month, the girls get together for a night out.   We may meet for coffee, cocktails, a movie, dinner, or a comedy show.  Any excuse to get out of the house and catch up with friends…always a great night!

Monthly Programs: Every month, our club organizes a different event to meet the needs of our diverse members.  Events take place during the week, usually Tuesday-Thursday, beginning at 7:45pm.  Our activities include our annual kickoff  & cocktails, movie night, floral arranging at a local florist, jewelry beading, spa night, ornament & cookie exchange, “white elephant” party, and a year end dinner.  Something for everyone!

Scrap booking: Whether you’re an expert scrap booker or just looking to get started, some of our members gather for an evening of chit-chat and scrap booking.  You should see our club scrap book…wow!

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